Not-So-Final-Project: Part 2

Thinking about Your Thinking

A Semester in Review

Over the course, the thing that has stood out to me the most is copyright and fair use. It applies directly to my personal interests and my work. I look back on the many times I’ve used images in presentations and wonder how I didn’t even consider my use of these images. Yes, I included citations. And for the most part, I was using these images for educational purposes, which falls under fair use. However, this course made me more informed and makes me want to pass on this understanding to my students.

The part that became less emphasized for me (I won’t say less important, because it is important) was the Collection on ADA and IDEA. But the reason for this is that I have begun internalizing more how the ADA and IDEA applies to my work, so I felt like I didn’t need to delve into it as much.

I think that digital citizenship is something that I rarely thought of before, but it is incredibly important. Especially as a person whose job it is to prepare teenagers for life beyond high school. The digital world has greatly expanded since I was a teenager and it will only continue to grow. Issues such as copyright, fair use, and digital literacy is important in my students’ lives, whether they realize it or not.

I think a lot more about the way I use online content. I am more responsible about what I can use, and in what way I can use it. With my position as a teacher, I definitely claim fair use in a lot of the work that I use. However, I want to be a responsible digital citizen and I want to teach my students digital citizenship within the context of what I teach in the classroom.


Not-So-Final-Project: Part 3

Not-So-Final Project: Part 1

The Teaching Thing

For the first part of my final project, I decided to create a lesson combining fair use and content summary.

The following are a lesson plan to teach fair use to a class of high school students reading The Hobbit, a presentation to teach students about copyright and fair use, and an outline for students to create their infographics. I’ve embedded the lesson and Canva presentations in this post, but for the full experience, please follow the links. Start with the following lesson.

I. A Lesson in Summary, Fair Use, and The Hobbit

II. Presentation on Copyright and Fair Use (please view in presentation mode)

III. Outline for the Chapter Summary Infographic

Not-So-Final-Project: Part 2