I think digital citizenship is…


Citizenship is being a part of some sort of social community. Membership in that community comes with certain roles, expectations and responsibilities.

Digital refers to anything that has to do with the web (that is my super simplified definition).

So….digital citizenship is having a role in an online community.  A digital citizen has certain roles and responsibilities ( don’t be a troll, hey). My role as a mediocre aspiring writing is to inform the world of my writing attempts (I submitted to the Montreal International Poetry Prize, long shot but I gotta keep the submissions rolling), my perspectives on humanity, and how awesome spicy doritos are.

Being a digital citizen also means having a voice in an online community. I talk about giving my perspectives on humanity but that honestly scares me because I will have to defend my position at some point. I am very used to hiding. Sure I’m online everyday, checking Facebook, checking that sheep pincushion that Amazon tells me I must have (I really must have it, look at this thing). But I have mostly limited my presence to Facebook where I rarely activate my own voice, and Snapchat (yeah, I forgot to mention that in my previous post).

But, I’ve already jumped in feet first, and I’m ready.