Exploring the ADA, an Adventure, Step 1

Welcome to the first step on our adventure towards understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act! (Yes, this tour will be conducted by this adorable camel) (his name is Herbert)

This is a three-legged(unlike the camel) journey through which you will get a

  1. Brief introduction to the ADA and who it serves.
  2. Definitions of the sorts of terminology will you come across when learning about the ADA, such as “Section 504,” “Title II” and “reasonable accommodation.” What is IDEA?
  3. explanation of “what does this all have to do with me, your tour guide?”


First, we will begin here, in this simple (but classy) blog, with a bite-sized (think complimentary airplane snack) summary of the ADA.

The American’s with Disabilities Act was signed into law in 1990 by George H. W. Bush and was amended in 2008. It protects any individual with a physical or mental impairment from discrimination based on disability. Under this law, Americans with disabilities are guaranteed equal opportunity in employment, education, public accommodations, transportation, government services and telecommunications. 

So, fasten your seatbelts (they come standard, with the camel), and follow the link!

ADA and Education