Three Questions

All my questions are about service animals:

  1. Do service animals need to be trained by certain entities in order to be considered service animals?
  2. I have never seen service animals at K-12 schools (although I have only been to a few schools in my lifetime). Are service animals allowed at k-12 schools? Based on the readings I can see arguments for allowing and not allowing service animals.
  3. Under the ADA Q & A, there is a question asking specifically about miniature horses as service animals, even though the ADA defines services animals as dogs.  Was there an influx of miniature horses being trained as service animals, perhaps by people mistaking them for dogs?
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2 Replies to “Three Questions”

  1. RE: #1 – No. It’s against regulations to even ask what a service animal is for. Gaming the service animal is apparently a popular pastime (and possibly a name for an indie band).

    re: #2 – I have seen service animals in K-12 schools…but not sure how different schools might accommodate that.

    re: #3 – I don’t know the history of that, but I enjoy the thought of a flood of miniature horses. Given how smart they are, shouldn’t service potbelly pigs be a thing too?

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