Thinking about blog-creating

The past week was the first time I have ever created a domain for myself, the first time I have ever worked with wordpress, and the first time I have written a blog. It has been a experience and even though this site was created for a class, I am looking forward to using this as a platform to talk about my writing.

I think that, as a part of a class on digital citizenship, this assignment was created to allow us to become a part of the vast “interwebs” (as my high school students would put it) and therefore experience digital citizenship firsthand.

The most challenging part of the assignment to create a blog has been learning all the technical aspects of creating the blog. I just learned how to change the header image. I still need to learn what a widget is. It’s probably not a fuzzy little alien, even though that’s what the name sounds like.

I also find it intimidating knowing that what I post is public and accessible. It puts a great responsibility on my shoulders. However, I shall post boldly and responsibly.

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2 Replies to “Thinking about blog-creating”

  1. Learning about technology can be hard. My advice is to keep an open mind. Remember that someone somewhere designed WordPress, and they did it with people like you in mind. It is made to be user friendly so don’t get too lost in things. Try some YouTube tutorials if you get lost.

    Your site looks great, I’m sure you’ll be a natural at this.

  2. “though this site was created for a class, I am looking forward to using this as a platform to talk about my writing” — that is exactly what I hope will happen. Pointing out resources about digital citizenship is one thing…facilitating your entrée into this part of being a digital citizen, providing a platform to share, broadcast, augment etc. your writing and your writing self beyond the bounds of this class would be the best kind of success.

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