Creative Commons: Part I

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This assignment called for the creation of a CC license for something created for this Digital Citizenship class.  I honestly didn’t have a whole lot of stuff to chose from for this assignment. So I decided to make a CC license for my copyright timeline, although I may come up with a Creative Commons: Part II (a sequel!) in order to do a better job. Does anyone even bother licensing slideshow presentations? Anyways, I chose CC-BY-NC-SA (wow, that’s a lot of letters) because….

  1. BY: I am a teacher and I want to teach my students about attribution/citation of information.
  2. NC: Because the purpose of this slideshow is to inform, I do not think it would be ethical for it to be used commercially.
  3. SA: Even though I use mostly public domain images, I have at least one BY-SA image in this slideshow and therefore I would want to have an SA portion on my license for this presentation.

I didn’t want an ND license because I would like the information on this slide to be used, perhaps in another presentation.

Scenario #1: Proper Use

Chad is a teacher looking for simple timeline to teach his students about copyright. He wants them to be able to use it as a quick reference. Chad shares this slideshow, attributes it to the creator and provides his students with the link. All this follows the licensing of this product.

Scenario #2: Oh No She Didn’t

Chad the teacher believes that the lesson that he taught in that class is great and he wants to offer the lesson at a price on a website where teachers can sell lesson plans. He includes this slideshow as a part of the lesson plan he is selling. Chad is violating the CC license attached this slideshow by selling it. If I were to discover this violation, I would ask Chad to remove the slideshow from his lesson plan.

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